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What to Expect at EIBTM in Barcelona

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EIBTM, set to run from November 18 – 20 in Barcelona, will have several new and notable elements this year. Take a look…

Appointment Requests

For the first time, through the new Hosted Buyer platform, exhibitors will be able to self-select appointments with hosted buyers. Once the buyers have made their appointment preferences and the buyer appointments have been matched, exhibitors will be able to browse and request appointments with more buyers to fill their diaries. Exhibitors will also be able to block appointment slots for private meetings that have been arranged outside of the EIBTM appointment system.

Spanish Hosted Buyer Program

The Spanish National Hosted Buyer Programme qualification criteria has been amended this year to allow buyers from Spain to be accepted onto the EIBTM Hosted Buyer program, even if they place only domestic business. (Previously they had to prove that they had business to place outside of Spain before they could qualify to join the EIBTM Hosted Buyer Programme.)

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